QOpenOCCI-1.3.1a Released

This bugfix release addresses issues with LONG data types. In particular the plugin should no longer crash and retrieving/binding LONG data should work. This update uses OCILib 2.3.0.

Posted by a_white on Apr 2, 2008

QOpenOCCI-1.3.0a Released

The switch to OCILib is mostly complete with this release! All previous features should still be working if all went well. This change means it is now possible to build QOpenOCCI on Windows using Visual Studio or MinGW. QOpenOCCI should now be much smarter about which features to use with the connected Oracle DB Server.

The following changes should be noted...

  • OCILib 2.2.0 is now used for all Oracle API calls
  • Now released under GPL due to OCILib's use of GPL
  • Window builds are now possible
  • Binds should use QSql::In for input binds AND PL/SQL out binds
  • Binds should NOT use QSql::Out yet (this is Oracle's "returning into" feature)
  • OCCI_INCLUDES in QOpenOCCI.pro has been renamed to OCI_INCLUDES
  • OCCI_LIBS in QOpenOCCI.pro has been renamed to OCI_LIBS

Thanks Antonio and Vincent for all the input and help.

Posted by a_white on Mar 18, 2008

QOpenOCCI-1.2.0a Released

This release added several needed features and bug fixes such as named placeholders and out binding. However, several issues have come to light regarding Oracle's OCCI (C++) library and Window builds. There seems to be all sorts of issues with getting the right compiler version and heap corruptions when linking in debug mode.

Therefore, to make QOpenOCCI more versatile, the project will switch internally to using OCILIB. This transition will make proting to Windows much easier and should add more stability to the driver through OCILIB's maturity.

Posted by a_white on Mar 7, 2008

QOpenOCCI-1.1.0a Released

QOpenOCCI's first week of life has been productive. A few bug fixes and a basic testing platform have been added in this release. The bugfixes address issues with the setForwardOnly option, re-opening a QSqlDatabase connection, and some interal issues with Oracle's ResultSet that would cause the library to crash if a query was re-prepared after it had executed. The newest release can be found here.

Posted by a_white on Feb 25, 2008

Documentation and Sample Code Online

The QOpenOCCI project now uses Doxygen to produce some usable and rather extensive html documention. Most importantly, source code can now be viewed easily. There are also a few examples here and here.

Posted by a_white on Feb 24, 2008

QOpenOCCI-1.0.0a Released

QOpenOCCI has now been released and the source code package be downloaded here. This release includes support for CHAR, VARCHAR2, DATE, TIMESTAMP (with and without timezones), BLOB, and CLOB Oracle datatypes, input variable binding and a result cache.

Posted by a_white on Feb 17, 2008

Project Started

QOpenOCCI is born! The goal of this project is to provide a Free and Open plugin for the Qt toolkit that will interface with Oracle's SQL database server. The plugin will be written in C++ using the Qt toolkit and Oracle OCCI libraries. This project should work cross platform with at least Linux/Windows support.

Posted by a_white on Feb 12, 2008

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